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Lafuente Abogados

Providing legal support since 1947

Derecho fiscal y tributario
Tax Law

Tax law deals with regulating taxes, which are controlled by the Public Administration

Commercial Law

ur Department of Commercial and Corporate Law has the best experts and a consolidated experience in advising companies, particulars and other legal entities in all areas of business practice and corporate law.

Derecho civil
Civil Law

Civil Law is the most present juridical issue in our lives. Any private action is regulated by it and many of those actions require the advice and the assistance of a lawyer.

derecho familia
Family Law

Family issues are probably those of major importance on people’s lives. We offer you confidence when you need it the most.

Criminal Law

Our Criminal Law experts in Lafuente Abogados have attained a high level of specialization, knowledge and professional experience defending the rights of individuals and companies.

inmobiliario derecho
Property Law

In the department of Real Estate or Property Law we are experts to comprehensively address all kind of real estate transactions.

Labor Law

In Lafuente Abogados we have an experienced tema of lawyers who can provide employment counseling, advice in matters of labor relations, contractual conditions, salary agreements and pension commitments.

Derecho del seguro
Insurance Law

The purpose of a policyholder is to cover the risk of any possible harmful event.

Banking And Finance Law

Lafuente Abogados is specialized in Banking and Finance Law, formed by highly qualified professionals with years of experience.

Administrative Law

Our department of Administrative Law has a wide experience in the defense of our clients against local, autonomic and central administration.

Foreign Law and Comparative Law

Para obtener o mantener la correspondiente autorización de residencia o la nacionalidad española confíe la realización de los trámites a abogados especialistas en materia de extranjería evitará incurrir en errores, resolverá cualquier duda y evitará problemas.

Derecho constitucional
Constitutional Law

In Lafuente Abogados we have a department of Constitutional Law directed by our Managing Partner, the renowned Doctor and Professor of Constitutional Law, José María Lafuente Balle.

Derecho concursal
Bankruptcy Law

Analyze the situation in order to determine the feasibility of staying out of bankruptcy.

Derecho Digital y de Nuevas Tecnologías
Information Technology Law

IT Law is created by different codes that regulate the relations and conflicts between individuals or companies through the computer science and the Internet: e-commerce, data protection law and contractual arrengements in the IT area.

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