Criminal Law


Criminal Law

Our Criminal Law experts in Lafuente Abogados have attained a high level of specialization, knowledge and professional experience defending the rights of individuals and companies. If you want to ensure your rights or you are involved in a criminal matter it’s essential to be assisted by a criminal lawyer.

Bear in mind that you always have the right –a constitutional right- to be represented and assisted by a lawyer before doing any declaration in a criminal matter. If you are quoted to declare at a police station or even in court, call us immediately.

In Lafuente Abogados we offer the service of assistance and defense in trials to any person involved in a crime or harmed person. Our solid experience in this area has convinced us that the relationship between the client and his lawyer is based on confidence, in order to adapt the defense to the concrete case.

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  • Assistance of a lawyer
  • Crimes and misdemeanours
  • Criminal trials of all kinds
  • Legal representation in the pre-trial phase and plenary phase
  • Speedy trials
  • Brief procedures
  • Drafting of criminal lawsuits or complaints
  • Appeal against any ruling or decision
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  • Crimes against traffic security: driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Crimes of domestic violence or gender-based violence. Assistance to women or men.
  • Crimes and misdemeanours: injuries, murder and manslaughter
  • Crimes against public health: drug dealing
  • Crimes against freedom, honor, integrity, moral, intimacy and inviolability of residence
  • Crimes of falsification of documents, usurpation of public functions and practice of a profession by an unauthorized person
  • Prevarication, concealment, perjury, and false accusations
  • Thefts and larceny
  • Frauds, misappropriations, insolvency and extortion
  • Civil responsibilities derived from crimes or misdemeanours
  • Threats, Calumnies and Insult
  • Sexual Aggressions: rape or sexual abuse
  • Domestic or gender-based violence: physical and psychological abuse
  • Restraining orders