Criminal Law


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The Criminal Law specialists at Lafuente Abogados have a high degree of specialisation and extensive professional experience in defending the interests of natural and legal persons. Representation by an experienced lawyer is vital to guarantee your rights in criminal law. If you find yourself involved in criminal proceedings, you will need the assistance of a lawyer. Bear in mind that you are always, in all cases, entitled to have a lawyer present when you give a statement. If you are summoned to appear before the police, civil guard or courts, tell us immediately and have all of the relevant documents and details relating to your case ready. At Lafuente Abogados, we offer assistance and representation for anyone who is accused of a criminal offence or who has been the victim of one. Our solid experience in this area has convinced us that strict trust between client and lawyer is needed so that the representation is always the most suitable for the specific case.

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1. Proceedings
  • Assisting the person under arrest
  • Proceedings for offences of all levels
  • Handling all types of criminal proceedings
  • Legal representation in the pre-trial stage and trial
  • Summary prosecutions
  • Expedited proceedings
  • Drawing up criminal complaints and reports
  • Preparing appeals against any criminal judgment
  • Post-sentencing procedural steps in cases where it may be possible to replace the punishment with a fine or conditional release
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2. Offences
  • Road traffic offences: drink driving
  • Domestic violence offences or assistance for men or women who have been abused
  • Offences against the person: bodily harm, murder and manslaughter
  • Offences against public health: drug trafficking
  • Offences against liberty, honour, moral integrity, intimacy and inviolability of the home
  • Misrepresentation in documents, impersonating public officers and practising a profession without a licence
  • Offences against the administration of justice: judicial misconduct, concealment, perjury and false accusations
  • Theft
  • Fraud, embezzlement, insolvency and extortion
  • Civil liability resulting from offences
  • Threats, coercion, false accusations of criminal acts and actionable insults
  • Sexual offences: rape or sexual assault
  • Domestic or gender based violence: physical and psychological abuseestraining orders
  • Restraining orders