Insurance Law


Insurance & Liability Law

The purpose of a policyholder is to cover the risk of any possible harmful event. On the assumption that the damage insured finally takes place, the insurance company will have to respond according to the terms and conditions agreed. However, it often happens that insurance company and policyholder disagree about the compensation amount or who should pay it.

On the other hand, either individuals or companies can be affected by events that turn out to be recoverable: i.e. a pedestrian in a traffic accident, a worker who suffers an accident during working hours, or a patient who gets a non desired result after a medical intervention. In all these situations is indispensable to have a lawyer that claims and seeks compensation for the damages suffered: moral and material damages.

In Lafuente Abogados we have an Insurance Law Department strictly tied to the rest of areas in our law firm, where we negotiate either in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings but always defending the best interest of our clients when these unpleasant events happen.

derecho del serguro

En Lafuente Abogados contamos con un departamento específico de Derecho del Seguro estrechamente ligado al resto de áreas del despacho, en el que negociamos y defendemos, tanto en los Tribunales como de manera extraprocesal, los intereses de nuestros clientes cuando se producen estos desagradables eventos.

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  • Accident claims: life policy, fire, theft, home or damages
  • Traffic accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Claims before Insurance Companies
  • Claims and execution of guarantees of entrenched quantities in purchase sale of building in construction before Insurance companies
  • Civil liability
  • Injuries
  • Consequences
  • Disabilities
  • Emergent damage
  • Loss of profit
  • Narrow collaboration with a specialized medical team to evaluate the physic injuries
  • Analysis and adaptation of current insurance policies
  • Study, analysis and interpretation of the insurance policy
  • Advice on the applicable legislation