Civil Law


Civil Law

Civil Law is the most present juridical issue in our lives. Any private action is regulated by it and many of those actions require the advice and the assistance of a lawyer.

Lafuente Abogados provides advice to companies and particulars in all matters related to Civil Law. We place at your disposal the best specialized professionals in advising, assisting and defending all kinds of contracts and civil lawsuits.

Going to Court to claim and defend your legal rights, submitting or answering lawsuits, executing public documents, claiming debts or appealing the rulings, are some of the practices we take in this area. Always operating in alignment with our clients interests.

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1. Leases, horizontal property and evictions
  • Urban and rural leases
  • Draft, review or negotiation of lease contracts
  • Claim against the tenant because of the damages caused in the property
  • Termination of lease contract for breach
  • Advice to Owner’s communities in regime of horizontal property
  • Claim of communal incomes to debt or co-owners
  • Old rental leases contracts: rent update
  • Attendance to Owner’s communities meetings
  • Claiming for outstanding rents
  • Eviction for lack of payment
2. Obligations and contracts
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability
  • Drafting and study of all kinds of contracts
  • Contracts of sales and deposit agreement
  • Barter and loan contracts
  • Lease agreements
3. Claim or demand for payment
  • Judicial and non-judicial claim of all kind of debts
  • Small debt proceedings: before liquid and enforceable debts
  • Oral claim of payments proceedings: lower debt than 3000€
  • Ordinary claim of payments proceedings: superior debt to 3000€
  • Exchange Procedure: bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes
4. Successions and donations
  • Legal aid in the drafting of testaments and last wills
  • Legal challenge of wills
  • Negotiation between heirs
  • Advice in the acceptance/renunciation of inheritance
  • Drafting of deeds of Distribution of Estate
  • Executorships and partition
  • Legal and fiscal planning of the testamentary succession
Civil Law