Civil Law


Advice for businesses and individuals

Civil law is the legal area with the biggest presence in our lives. It governs all private actions, many of which require advice and representation by lawyers.

Lafuente Abogados provides advice for businesses and individuals in all areas  relating to civil law. We have the best professionals specialised in advice, assistance and representation for all types of contracts and civil actions, turning to the courts to assert or defend your rights, filing and responding to claims, executing public documents, claiming payment of debts and appealing against judgments, always considering your interests.

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1. Leases, horizontal property and evictions
  • Urban and agricultural leases
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating leases
  • Claims against tenants for damage to property
  • Terminating leases for breach of terms
  • Advising owners’ associations on the horizontal property system
  • Claiming community fees from defaulting co-owners
  • Rent controlled leases signed before 1985: rent reviews
  • Attending owners’ meetings
  • Claiming unpaid rent
  • Eviction for non-payment
2. Obligations and contracts
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability
  • Drafting and studying all types of contract
  • Sale-purchase, earnest money, swap and loan agreements
  • Leases
3. Actions for payment
  • Judicial and out-of-court claims for all types of debts
  • Small debts proceedings: for fixed and due amounts
  • Fast-track payment proceedings: debts of less than €6,000
  • Ordinary payment proceedings: debts exceeding €6,000
  • Collection proceedings on negotiable instruments: bills of exchange, cheques or promissory notes.
4. Successions and gifts
  • Legal advice in drawing up wills
  • Judicial challenges of wills
  • Negotiations between heirs
  • Advice on accepting/repudiating an inheritance
  • Drawing up agreements for distribution of the estate
  • Compulsory inheritance shares: determination, calculation and claims
  • Executorship and distribution
  • Legal and tax planning of the testamentary succession
Civil Law