Property Law


Property Law

In the department of Real Estate or Property Law we are experts to comprehensively address all kind of real estate transactions. For more than fifty years, we have successfully intervened in numerous operations and transactions of this nature.

In Lafuente Abogados our professional team knows the concrete application of laws in order to give you the best advice attending to any sale, acquisition or lease. Likewise, as we are a multidisciplinary law firm, this department cohesively and coordinately works with other lawyers from different areas that may be involved (corporate and commercial, tax, civil etc.) to get the most out of every operation.

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1. Buy and sell a property
  • Real estate sale
  • Review of status on the real estate and property tax registers
  • Drafting of Purchase Agreements
  • Negotiation and drafting of engagement contract
  • Grant of public deed of sale
  • Tax planning of the property investment and taxation of the real estate trade.
2. Incapacity
  • Responsibilities of the different construction agents:
    – Promoter and builder’s responsibility
    – The project management responsibility: engineer or architect
  • Constructions defects
  • Claims for latent defects
  • Properties with lower qualities than those agreed