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At Lafuente Abogados we provide the highest quality insolvency and bankruptcy advice for businesses and individuals, helping them avoid situations of insolvency in time, with the aim of maintaining the continuity of the activity of the different business units and safeguarding company directors against potential liability.

Likewise, in the event of insolvency, we will manage this, striving for the continuity of the activity of the company in administration and safeguarding its directors against insolvency liability.

In the case of individuals who are not businesspeople, the firm specialises in debt relief for natural persons, whether or not they are businesspeople, through the second-chance mechanism introduced in the Insolvency Act, reduction of the financial burden and other measures of a social nature, known as the Second Chance Act.

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We help our clients prevent and solve economic and financial crises in their companies and businesses by using the most appropriate pre-insolvency proceedings in accordance with their specific situation or by administration proceedings that seek to protect the rights and interests of the insolvent company and protect and reduce the liability of the governing body, while at the same time maximising satisfaction for creditors and enabling the economic activity of the insolvent company to continue.

This legal mechanism that offers individuals and businesses the possibility of overcoming a financial situation of insolvency by signing a creditor agreement that makes it possible to restructure the debt, either by reducing the amount or modifying the payment period, or even both and, if this is not accepted, by writing off part of the debt. Ultimately, it is a chance to begin again.

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Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings
  1. Advice prior to declaration of proceedings:
    o Pre-insolvency
    o Out of court payment agreements
    o Refinancing agreements
  2. Prevention of insolvency liability
  3. Planning, requesting and processing voluntary and involuntary
  4. Preparation of the settlement with creditors
  5. Drawing up work force reduction schemes
  6. Advice in liquidation phase
  7. Insolvency and bankruptcy
  8. Drawing up viability reports
  9. Drawing up evaluation reports
  10. Structuring investments in insolvency assets and liabilities
  11. Restructuring companies
  12. Debt refinancing
  13. Distressed operations
  14. Situations of pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings
  15. Recovery of credits
  16. Liability of directors, board members and senior managers
  17. Insolvency administration
Protecting claims
  1. Challenging and recognising credits
  2. Notification of claims
  3. Defence of creditors’ rights
  4. Challenging lists of creditors and inventories
  5. Enforcement of guarantees
  6. Recognition and enforcement of foreign credits and guarantees in insolvency proceedings in Spain
Second Chance Act

Did you know that some debts you cannot pay could be written off? If
you want to know whether you can take advantage of this process and what steps to take to obtain the second chance process, simply contact us. We will help you take advantage of the Second Chance Act, offering the solution to your situation of excess debt, whether as a natural person, self-employed person or business.

  1. Requesting out-of-court payment agreements
  2. Request for Benefit of Waiver of Unpaid Liabilities.
  3. Supervision of payments agreement
  4. Accord and satisfaction
  5. Application of the Code of Good Banking Practice
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