Employment Law


We take care of our clients’ needs

At Lafuente Abogados, we have an experienced team of lawyers who provide ongoing advice in employment matters, working very closely with any other departments as appropriate, and giving advice on employment law questions, contractual conditions, social security and other recurring questions that arise daily.

Our aim is to maintain ongoing contact with the client so that we can resolve any questions raised as soon as possible and with the greatest rigour, as these matters often require fast answers. We advise individual clients before signing an employment contract, during the process of negotiating employment contracts and in the case of termination of the employment relationship.

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We represent companies and workers in the Labour Courts. We also have a Payroll Management Department.

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1. Labour relations
  • Legal assistance in the labour courts: disciplinary and objective dismissal
  • Nullifying dismissals
  • Special labour relations
  • Claims for wages
  • Severance pay claims
  • Work-life balance policies
  • Policies for preventing workplace bullying, mobbing and discrimination
2. Employment contracts
  • Formalising employment contracts: advice on the needs, functioning and structure of the company
  • Modifying employment conditions
  • Geographical mobility
  • Leave of absence, maternity leave and reduced working hours
  • Suspension of employment contracts: extended leave and annual leave
  • Advice relating to temporary employment agencies
3. Social security and occupational risk prevention
  • Social security contributions and their different remuneration components
  • Accidents at work
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability in all of its forms
  • Unemployment and retirement
  • Occupational risk prevention.
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