Tax Law


Tax law relates to the taxes that are controlled by the public administration

Because of the special importance of taxation in the private and business worlds, at Lafuente Abogados we provide a complete assistance and legal advice service to process and resolve all types of tax proceeding and actions for individuals and companies.

Through detailed analysis of each particular case, we assess the different options and their risks in order to achieve the greatest tax saving in accordance with the tax rules.

Any type of operation, regardless of the size or the person (natural or legal) involved in it, has a tax impact that must be assessed.

Consequently, the Tax Department at Lafuente Abogados works in a cohesive and coordinated way with the other areas of the firm (Commercial and Companies, Property, Employment etc.) to make the most of each operation.

derecho fiscal y tributario

Comprising professionals with advanced qualifications in Accounting, Law and Economics; the Tax and Accounting area of Lafuente Abogados advises companies and prepares their taxes in accordance with the rules in force; managing accounting and the specific quarterly and annual returns for the different types of companies and activities, always with the aim of helping you with the functioning of your activity.

Our service optimises processes and allows continuous access to accounting information, which will help you with the correct management of the business, as well as decision making.

Tax and accounting advice for companies. What does this include?

  • Updates and advice on legal developments and changes relating to tax
  • Management of companies and self employed people operating under the modular system
  • Personal Income Tax, withholdings and payments on account
  • Quarterly and annual forms (FORMS 115, 123, 202, 303, 310, 311, 349, 390)
  • Assistance, advice and representation in inspections by the Tax Agency
  • Answering demands, assessments and appeals relating to all taxes, assistance and representation before any public body
  • Registering for the Economic Activities Tax and with the Social Security
  • Accounts advice for companies and self employed people
  • Drawing up annual accounts and filing them with the Companies Registry
  • Analysing balance sheets
  • Reviewing accounts and closing accounts
  • Analysing investments

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1. Completing and submitting tax returns
  • Income and Wealth Tax Returns
  • Non-Residents’ Tax Returns
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
2. Taxation of operations
  • Inheritance and Donations Tax
  • Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty and Tax on Company Operations
  • Processing and taxation of sale and purchase and leasing of property
  • Processing Municipal Capital Gains Tax refunds
  • Property taxation
  • Administration of inheritances
  • Incorporation of companies
3. Other arrangements in the field of taxation
  • Tax advice for self-employed people
  • Proceedings before the Tax Appeal Board
  • Preparing challenges and appeals before all types of bodies
  • Applying to the tax authorities for deferments
  • Requesting tax benefits
  • Managing deeds
  • Tax planning
  • Local taxes
  • Processing and registration of foreign and national vehicles
  • Accounting
Tax Law