Tax Law


Tax law deals with regulating taxes, which are controlled by the Public Administration

Given the special importance of the tax area, Lafuente Abogados provides complete service assistance and legal advice in the proceeding and resolution of all kind of tax procedures or actions, both to individuals and companies.

By means of a detailed analysis in each particular case, the different alternatives and their risks are evaluated in order to get major tax saving in accordance with the tax regulation.

Any type of operation, no matter the size or the person involved in it, has a fiscal impact that must be valued.
Therefore, Lafuente Abogados’s tax department cohesively and coordinately works with other lawyers from different areas that may be involved (corporate and commercial, real estate, labor, etc.) to get the most out of every operation.

derecho fiscal y tributario

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1. Elaboration and models presentation
  • Tax refund and Declarations of Assets
  • Declarations of non residence
  • Corporate tax
  • Value-added tax
2. Taxation of operations
  • Inheritance tax
  • Property Transfer, Certified Legal Documents and corporate operations
  • Processing and taxation in dealings and rents of real estate
  • Processing of the return of municipal capital gains
  • Real estate taxation
  • Liquidation of inheritances
  • Constructions companies
3. Other procedures related to the tax area
  • Tax advice to autonomous
  • Actions before the Central Administrative Economics Court
  • Preparations of resources and claims concerning all kind of request
  • Request of postponements before the Treasury
  • Request of fiscal benefits
  • Management of deeds
  • Tax planning
  • Local taxes
  • Processing and matriculation of foreign and national vehicles
  • Accounting
Tax Law