Family Law


Experts in Family Law

Family matters probably have the greatest importance in people’s lives. We offer assurance when you need it most. We advise clients in this area with the utmost thoroughness, sensitivity and depth, helping the them make the best decisions in processes of family break-up, especially when there are minor children. In our practice, we always prioritise the best interest of the child.

At Lafuente Abogados, we are experts in Family Law, enabling us to offer our clients a personalised service based on in-depth technical rigour and knowledge of usual practices in matrimonial crises and in the processes of breaking up. For us, people come first. At Lafuente Abogados we believe that good advice can make a big difference.

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1. Marriages, de facto couples and minors
  • Advice in separation and divorce proceedings
  • International divorces
  • Care and custody of children
  • Shared custody
  • Regulating parent child relationships
  • Regulating visitation schedules
  • Modifying arrangements: changes to custody; increase, reduction or termination of child support or alimony
  • Breach of visitation schedule
  • Paternity and filiation claims
  • Claims for non payment of child support
  • Civil annulment
  • Agreements in anticipation of breakup
  • Matrimonial property system agreements
  • Liquidation of joint ownership of property acquired during the marriage
  • De facto couples: formation and breakup
2. Canon law and ecclesiastical annulments
  • Marital annulments and separations
3. Disabilities
  • Disabilities
  • Safeguarding measures
  • Restrictions on the capacity to act: guardians and tutors